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At New West Lending, Inc., we treat each customer as an individual, not a number. We don't place you into a loan profile formula created by the banking industry. We use "common sense" and will help you obtain the best loan possible. We represent a wide range of "A" rated lenders with first quality rates to private "hardship" lenders. We are an FHA Direct Endorsement Lender. Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA Programs are available.

Enthusiasm Working For You

Helping people make one of their most important decisions is a serious responsibility, and something we enjoy doing. This enthusiasm and hard work will benefit you and help reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with real estate transactions.We have many years of experience and knowledge working in this industry and in this marketplace. We can say with confidence that we'll get the job done right.

Comunidad Hispana

Tenemos un fuerte grupo que se especializa en compradores por primera vez, en la Comunidad Hispana. Nosostros le ayudaremos en el proceso para hacerlo mas facil. LLame hoy y compre la casa que siempre ha querido.

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New West Lending, Inc. NMLS# 164722 
7310 N 16th St. Suite 170  Phoenix, AZ 85020  Office: 602-761-4080  Fax: 602-792-0422
Name: Title: Cell: NMLS # AZ License
Bob Heidrich  President, Senior Loan Officer  602.999.6814 142165 LO-0911731
C. Gary Huntoon  UW, Senior Loan Officer 602.432.3743 149299 LO-0911756
Gail Atwood Loan Officer 602.820.6078 142163 LO-0924878
Mark Christopher Andrie Senior Loan Officer  602.427.7178 205306 LO-0925512
Edgar Enrique Avila Casa  Loan Officer 623.219.5583 1496644 LO-0939150
Martin Berumen Senior Loan Officer - Bilingual 602.754.1242 217990 LO-0916782
Karina Steele Camacho  Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.217.7346 1681321 LO-0946868
Robert A. Contreras Senior Loan Officer - Bilingual 480.217.3546 218004 LO-0914680
Michael Francis Damiani Senior Loan Officer 602.524.6876 304554 LO-0916326
Maura Patricia Del Toro Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.628.7797 1086562 LO-0933536
Erika P. Gerardo Senior Loan Officer - Bilingual 602.500.7577 693020 LO-0939022
Lonny Kent Gibson Senior Loan Officer 602.321.2282 206242 LO-0912579
Karina E Gonzalez Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.628.4229 208013 LO-0911245
Juan Pablo Lomeli Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.313.4059 1019656 LO-0926419
David McMillin Loan Officer 720.226.3788 1781464 LO-0950925
Monica Lisset Lopez Arjona Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.251.8889 1452233 LO-0937829
Luis Ernesto Mata Loan Officer - Bilingual 480.349.4066 1082140 LO-0924659
Arlyn Andrea Montalvo Loan Officer - Bilingual 602.367.9535 1204297
Daniel Nunez  Loan Officer  623.252.1256 1507361 LO-0945072
Manny Nunez Senior Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.252.1256 230289 LO-0911840
Laura Lilian Ochoa Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.277.8910 1613201 LO-0949199
Daniel Palomino Loan Officer - Bilingual 623.760.3877 1224230 LO-0941936
Karen A. Pelosi  Loan Officer - Bilingual  480.221.3668 1497717 LO-0943494
Kenny William Ong Senior Loan Officer 602.570.3927 301727 LO-0914115
Amy Jo Rebenar Loan Officer 805.748.6868 1725092 LO-0949092
Lorena Saldana Sandoval  Loan Officer - Bilingual  602.380.4722 200914 LO-0928079
Norma Moreno-Squier Sr. Loan Officer - Bilingual  602.332.6989 212839 LO-0911404
Don Snyder Senior Loan Officer 602-326-5478 185631 LO-0911346
Vanessa Torres Senior Loan Officer - Bilingual 602.503.3325 286874 LO-0925512

Valeria Becerra
Loan Officer
Bob Heidrich - Loan Officer
Helen Ruth Groom
Loan Officer
Noemi Salazar Gonzales
Senior Loan Officer
Carlton Gary Huntoon - Loan Officer
Mark Christopher Andrie - Loan Officer
Martin Berumen - Loan Officer
Karina Steele Camacho - Loan Officer
Robert A. Contreras - Senior Loan Officer
Michael Francis Damiani - Loan Officer
Maura Patricia Del Toro - Loan Officer
Erika P. Gerardo - Senior Loan Officer
Lonny Kent Gibson - Loan Officer
Senior Loan Officer
Monica Lisset Lopez Arjona - Loan Officer
Luis Ernesto Mata Senior - Loan Officer
David McMillin - Loan Officer
Neide Martins- Loan Officer
Arlyn Andrea Montalvo - Loan Officer
Kenny William Ong - Loan Officer
Daniel Palomino - Loan Officer
Don Snyder - Loan Officer
Norma Moreno-Squier Sr. Loan Officer


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 New West Lending is an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender